Sapien Vision’s political portfolio

Since 2016, Scout, founder of Sapien Vision, has advised and developed marketing for local campaigns in Boulder County, beginning with Paul Danish’s County Commissioner campaign. Scout has held an interest in politics and political marketing since she was ten years old and has refined her philosophy on campaigns many times since then.

Scout’s specialties encompass what she calls vision manifesting, which primarily includes partnering with candidates to develop a vision-first platform comprised of unique policy ideas. In addition to vision manifesting, Scout offers a comprehensive service kit for candidates that ranges from graphic design to body language coaching.

After voting and working on the political Left and the Right, Scout now holds classical liberal ideals in the tradition of the Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution as a registered Independent. Scout works with candidates who seek opportunity rather than adversity, and who work to make friends rather than make enemies, especially with whom they disagree. Additionally, Scout works with and promotes candidates who hold various political philosophies, and who are bound by holding a unique vision that cherishes Boulder County’s character and advances our quality of life.

“finding america”

Produced and edited by Sapien Vision for the 2020 Menza for Senate District 17 campaign