about Scout

Scout Ennis is the owner of Sapien Vision, a Boulder-based marketing firm that specializes in crafting resonant, beautiful marketing and branding for business and local political candidates. 

Scout holds a degree in Anthropology from CU Boulder and graduated in 2016 with distinct honors, including Summa Cum Laude. Scout had the honor of gaining admittance into the Phi Beta Kappa society, a rare honor only bestowed on America’s most outstanding university students. While studying CU Boulder, Scout pursued various sub-disciplines, most notably forensic and cultural anthropology, and published two notable studies relating to Southwestern forensic anthropology and political-cultural anthropology. Scout’s scientific and cultural anthropology training greatly influences Scout’s marketing work, especially her work pertaining to scientific-technology businesses and political campaigns.

After graduating from CU Boulder in 2016, Scout began her marketing career while advising and marketing Boulder County political candidates. Scout primarily forged in the political realm up until 2018 when High Precision Devices (now FormFactor) and its subsidiary CaliberMRI (CMRI) hired Scout to build CMRI’s novice sales pipeline, manage sales from quote to shipping, branding, and marketing, and aid in QA/QC, inventory management, and grant writing. Scout directly oversaw and directed CMRI’s sales growth. When CMRI hired Scout, sales were close to zero with little sales infrastructure. After building a robust CRM sales pipeline, designing fresh branding, and engaging with customers, CMRI’s sales quickly grew to an average of $250,000 a quarter with Scout as the sole salesperson. Scout’s skillset greatly expanded at CMRI and marked an era where Scout grew into a professional marketer, brander, and salesperson.

Scout forged her own path in May 2022 to make Sapien Vision her sole focus. Since 2022, Scout has grown Sapien Vision into a full-service marketing firm and has a quickly-expanding team of marketing specialists and advisers.